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Our Services

Education y más

Education y más assist families with instructional support. As a certified Florida Teacher we meet the needs of all students. All our programs are research-based proven to be effective for all students. Take the first step in helping your student be successful in their academics. We thrive on student excellence coupled with increasing self-confidence, motivating, and creating a love for learning.

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Tutoring Services

  • We use a variety of teaching methods depending on the student’s needs

  • We provide students with individualized assistance to help them learn new concepts and complete assignments.

  • As a private tutoring program, we also monitor attendance, and we keep all reports required by state and district in accordance with the Florida statue. 

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Homeschool Evaluations

  • We proudly offer homeschool evaluation services designed to meet the needs of student and your instructional style.

  • Our evaluations are meant to be easy and low stress for the parents and students.

  • Show us some of your records of your student's learning- ideally a few from the beginning of the year and some from the end- enough to see that your student has made progress.

Spanish Lessons

  • Beginning Spanish lessons emphasizes on communication through physical movement.

  • Students will acquire lots of Spanish vocabulary in my lessons and videos through the total language immersion experience.

  • Our lessons include worksheets and interactive activities. 

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  • Reading lessons come in a box ready to use with step-by-step instructions, telling you what you will do and what you need; then follows review, new teaching, reinforcement, and read aloud.

  • Lessons can be done at whatever pace is comfortable for you and your student.

Reading Lessons

  • We design reading lessons to fit the needs of your child.

  • Our lessons are supported by using the Orton-Gillingham approach which emphasizes multiple senses (sight, hearing, touching, and movement) to help students connect learning.

Reading Specialized Instruction

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